Fleetbroadband Sailor 250/500

With data speeds up to 284 kbps from an antenna diameter less than 30 cm, which weighs just 5 kg, SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband is the perfect balance between form and function. Easy installation and the ability to provide affordable, high-speed access to internet/intranet and email, with voice calling and data simultaneously ensures professional communication possibilities for any vessel.


Forced Dialing – SAC Configuration Control
Restricted Dialing (for crew calling)
Handset Call Priority (allows the Captain to pre-empt the active CS call)
Remote Access (for configuration and diagnostics)
Radio Silence (radio transmission on/off) Control
External Ringer Control
Remote Management (using SMS/AT commands)
Backup / Restore of previous Configuration Settings

Thuraya Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Increased coverage with amalgamation of legacy 2-way Radio, 
 cellular and L-Band satellite
Interoperability among different groups with simple integration of their existing radio – analog, DMR, P25, UHF, VHT and Tetra with L-Band satellite
Reduces expensive terrestrial infrastructure costs
Compatibility with a wide range of brands of land mobile radios
Uninterrupted and seamless switching between satellite, cellular and LAN, ensuring zero loss of connectivity
Limited bandwidth needed for each PTT call
Availability at all time for critical communication
256-bit AES Voice encryption
Delivers real-time data

iSavi Portable Satellite Terminal

Dependable Smartphone/Tablet-to-Satellite connectivity – Voice, Data and Text (all at the same time).
Connect from anywhere with no roaming charges
Compact and portable
Wi-Fi Hotspot function with IP connection shared with your friends and colleagues within a 30 meter range (can connect over 20 Wi-Fi users at a time)User friendly operation via Smart Apps
Power consumption is low and the battery can be recharged by an AC power adaptor/car charger adaptor/Sherpa 50 rechargeable powerpack or by a suitable solar panel.Built-in firewall 
Dust and splash resistant (IP65)

Thuraya Orion IP Marine Broadband Terminal

Thuraya Orion IP is a maritime-specific broadband terminal manufactured in partnership with Hughes Network Systems, which supports broadband data communications at speeds up to 444kbps. Thuraya Orion IP utilizes the Thuraya satellite network.

Thuraya MarineStar

Quick and easy to install
• Circuit-switched voice
• Fish catch reporting capability
• Advanced 2-way vessel tracking with application and monitoring
• OTA (over-the-air) programming capability
• Versatile interface functions
• Geofencing capability
• Radio silence capability
• SOS alert
• Push notifications for weather, news and other alerts
• Languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Bahasa, Tagalog, Turkish
• Tracking application as a service

Starlink Maritime

A ruggedized service for boats, ships, yachts and rigs, Starlink Maritime delivers high-speed, low-latency broadband internet at sea.
Enabled by a constellation of thousands of low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, Starlink Maritime offers speeds of up to 350 Mbps, enabling
video calls, streaming and other high data rate applications.